Algonquin Weddings

     Amber Luckasavitch -    Marriage Commissioner

I was born in North York and raised in Bancroft.

I moved to Whitney in 1994  (my Husband's hometown) to start our family. I was married in 2000 and now have 2 beautiful children. 

How did I become a Marriage Commissioner?

It started as a passion at The Couples Resort ( my preferred resort).

I have worked at the Couples Resort since 1999 and over this time have witnessed several weddings. My love for participating and helping make the day be all that it could be for the couple turned into becoming the coordinator of weddings at the Couples Resort.

With the coordinating of the weddings at the Resort I found that there was a demand for officiants in the area.

For the most part you can find me either at home enjoying time with my children or at the resort. I am a very outgoing individual with a joy for life and all that surrounds me. 

 I invite you to contact me to discover how I can help make your day be all that it can be!

Photo of Amber taken by Rowell Photography