Algonquin Weddings

Michelle & Ryan's Surprise Wedding

We were recently married at the Couples Resort – and wow what an experience! I wanted to write a quick review to let everyone know that we were thoroughly impressed with our entire stay.  Although we came in with a unique situation, the couples resort truly met all of our expectations and beyond.

A surprise wedding is a difficult endeavor to pull off – but with the assistance of the staff and some crossing of the fingers – it worked out perfectly.  We arrived on September 22 2011, which was our 10 yr anniversary together as a couple.  My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me that night and we were married the very next day. He planned the entire thing and was able to keep it from me, which is a feat in itself.

With the extraordinary collaboration with the staff at the resort, especially Amber and Megan – you helped my NOW husband pull off the biggest surprise of our lives!  I had no idea about any of the plans, all I knew is that I had booked a room for our 10 yr anniversary (I thought it would be a perfect place for our anniversary celebration –as we have been there before) – little did I know, there was already a Chateau booked for this occasion by my better half well before I called to book it.  So thank you so much for staying patient with my never ending questions and emails.   I am glad that Ryan gave you a heads up that I would be calling you.  He knows my controlling ways too well and couldn’t advise against it, as he knew I would question anything that seemed out of the norm.  We appreciate your efforts in trying to keep something so special – so secret! (From the fake confirmation number you provided when I called to book so as not to tip me off, to the discreet check in so I didn’t realize that we were going to our own Chateau and not the suite that I had booked).

I have to admit, I did question it for a while “Ryan they would NOT just upgrade us to a Chateau! This must be your doing.”  But as we walked into Chateau Lyra – I soon forgot why the ‘upgrade’ was made and started to explore the amazing accommodation.  We felt like a king and queen for the entire stay. Every little detail is thought of, big or small.  Such a romantic, adventurous, relaxing resort with everything strategically thought out, from the placement of the accommodations in relation to the next, to the stock pile of wood to burn, to the conveniently placed hooks to hang the robes you never want to take off!

The wedding ceremony was so simple and exactly the way we wanted it.  Just the two of us by the lake!  And where do I even mention the sheer beauty of the fall colours? WOW! A special thank you to Amber thank you so very much for accommodating everything from our marriage license to the added touches to make our day so special!  It was perfect! Thank you for helping create such a wonderful memory.

This resort is amazing and I recommend it to everyone I know would enjoy delicious food, impeccable staff, above and beyond service all couples into a romantic, care free, beautiful vacation away from the everyday.  Truly a one of a kind resort, in one of the most beautiful spots in Ontario!  Keep up the great work; I know we will be back again – maybe this time on our ‘true’ 10 year WEDDING anniversary. I will end with a big thank you to all staff at the resort (cleaning staff, dining staff and office staff) AND especially to the Sorenson family – You have created a unique atmosphere beyond expectations when it comes to catering to the couples who wants to escape and enjoy each other.  Thank you so much for the pictures you took to capture our day. Very thoughtful and generous. See you next time!

Mr. and Mrs. Mayer

Married September 23rd, 2011